Tuesday, 8 March 2011


"Oh no, this could horrendously wrong.". I can hear you all thinking it, but don't worry I won't be offensive about any religion, so please read on.

Now I am an Atheist, a rather devout Atheist at that. And I have my reasons for that, and I'm not going to write this post to try and demand you all become Atheists too. But what I am going to do is question your beliefs (shock, horror!); be you atheist, theist or agnostic I want to know the reasoning behind your choice.

It may be that you simply can't believe that the complexity of the universe could exist without a divine creator (although I could rebuttal this point, if you'd wish), or that you simply refuse to believe some of the absurdities in religious texts, you need to have reasons for these beliefs. A point must be justified, regardless of what field it is in, but a feat of racism and segregation means we can not ask people to give a valid reason to their thoughts? This, put bluntly, is bullshit. You should not just believe something because you were born into it and have never known anything different, please seek the truth, and when you draw your own conclusion I will judge you as an intelligent, articulate person; until then I can not.

A rise in the amount of Atheism, is in my eyes good, but there is a growing number of Atheists who are just Atheists for the sake of it. This has always been the case with a vast number of Christians who were born and raised into the religion, and I find this frightening. An undying love and belief without the ability to see its flaws is very dangerous; of course this is not just limited to Christianity and is in all religions (as well as atheism etc.).

Much like the child who criticises and bullies is often doing so is because of their own insecurities, people who are so ignorant that they simply discard ideas without looking into any others is quite frankly, ludicrous. 

I have seen a growing number of reports (obviously from the minority) of cases in the USA of people demanding that Atheists "leave our country... We are a nation under God". As well as a ridiculous attack on Atheists, claiming they are not people. This is in my opinion no better than a Muslim women having her veil torn off, or a claim that all Christians are deluded morons. This type of insane behaviour has to stop. If God does exist surely he would loathe to see his own followers persecute and demand they are removed from society like a cancer.

I have a small amount of knowledge in Christianity, Islam (and Scientology...), as well as a lot in Atheism. And am always willing to hear the points of view from someone with a different belief to my own, without this how are we able to be sure of our own belief system?


  1. No living human can answer that question lol

  2. Maybe not, but surely we can question and begin to eliminate what is wrong and narrow down what could be right. You shouldn't just take what is given to you on face value